Take the lead in quality and win by brand

  Rigor, pragmatism, innovation, excellence

  The company aims at saving energy, protecting environment and pursuing product quality, so as to pursue economic and social benefits of enterprises. We should be honest, behave in a scientific way, strictly disciplined, customer oriented and have a sense of social responsibility for Jiajiang Huifeng  Paper values and behavior ideals. In order to establish Scientific Outlook on Development, protect Jiajiang's excellent historical and cultural heritage and take proper social responsibilities, it is a modern idea and idea for Jiajiang Huifeng Paper Co., Ltd  staff.

  Today's quality, the market for tomorrow

     Jiajiang Huifeng Paper Co., Ltd  business philosophy: stable quality, new products, low cost and marketing.

  Jiajiang Huifeng Paper Co., Ltd  management policy: double down: reduce procurement costs, reduce production costs; double mention: increase production, improve the pass rate; ensure: ensure quality unchanged.

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